Summer Lovin!

In Summer

We are obsessed with Spring & Summer in Vancouver. It’s pretty much the best ever because picnics, patios, outdoor movies, Deighton cup, The PNE and all the beach time we can cram into these next few months we are super ready. Despite Vancouver’s love of rain we have already had a few beautiful warm days and on one of those we decided to go hang out down at Vanier Park with the girls and pretend we owned some of the boats down at the boat launch (please note that the boat owners down there do not find it as funny as you do;)

One thing about Summer though is it seems to hit with a bang and all of a sudden your left looking at your closet with the famous “I have nothing for hot weather” dilemma. So let us show you some AWESOME options for your summer wardrobe.

Denim Romper Scout

Rompers!! They are amazing because a) they are just super cute and b) It’s one unit. So you don’t have to decide on anything that has to match with it. You just throw that on and go. Plus they are awesome for bike riding. We have comfortable denim ones in with cherry accents, they have elastic backs so they will move with you. These are a reproduction of a 1950’s style romper/ playsuit.

Peasant tops are super comfortable and wonderful for both girls with small and big busts. Small busts it makes them appear bigger & big busts theres is room for your boobs (finally!) These can be worn off the shoulder or on. We stock them in a variety of colours so they can be paired with skirts, or skin tight and outta sight capris (pictured)

Peasant tops Scout
Sailor Two Piece Scout

Hello Sailor! this super easy to wear and comfortable set is great for all shapes. With a high waisted short and long line top with elastic back you’re good to go. Although we are playing up the pin up style (because thats our thing) You can pair this with other pieces in your wardrobe and wear it a few different ways. Pair the top with a pencil skirt or the shorts with just a plain white top and you get more bang for your buck! Either way how awesome is it to have something matchy. It makes you feel like you’ve got your life together. Matchy matchy <3

Up next outfits for Deighton Cup and more formal Summer affairs!

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