Dress to impress the fun of a vintage flare

Dress to impress - Vintage flareSpring is here, and summer is on its way which means wedding season! Finding the perfect outfit for a spring/summer wedding can be difficult, but not impossible. While shopping keep in mind that you never want to outshine the bride, but want to look cute and presentable. Personally, I love styling outfits with some vintage flare. Not only does it add a bit of class and sass, but also sophistication to your look.

For those who are not fond of vintage clothing, there are several ways to incorporate vintage style and glamour into your look without being too flashy. There are several brands that make vintage inspired reproduction clothing for the modern lady, some of brands I like are Heart of Haute, Pinup Courture, Stop Staring, and Laura Byrnes.

Dress to impress - Vintage flareI love accessorizing my outfits with vintage or vintage inspired gloves, fascinators, brooches, jewelry, belts, purses, and heels. All of these are great to add some glamour and nostalgia to your look. During the spring and summer it’s important to find something that will be comfortable and cool, fabrics such as cotton, linen, and rayon are great for the season because of their breathability.

When searching for a new dress or outfit, I always try to find something I will wear time, and time again- pastels and florals are never a mistake in spring and summer! I think retro inspired outfits are not only great for weddings, but also garden parties, graduation, prom, baby showers and picnics because of their versatility.

You can dress an outfit down for more of a casual look, or accessorize for full on glamour! There’s endless potential when incorporating a bit of nostalgia, class, and sass into your style!

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